Qualities of innovative leaders

Holistic innovation needs to be carried out through the whole company, but it is also essential that the leader leads by example. Establishing changes in a company may be challenging, and the leader may encounter reluctance and fear from their teams. That’s why it’s so important to address these concerns. If you don’t have a culture of leaders who encourage their employees to be creative and think outside of the box, you can expect resistance. From bottom-up to top-down, all the teams should always be engaged in the cultural change that is necessary for innovation transformation. People need to feel included and need to see that the innovation is not just one department doing some fancy stuff, but that they are all in their own ways contributing to the success of the company.

These must be the leaders abilities:

  • Ability to learn and improve 

  • Ability to embrace change 

  • Open minded 

  • Trusting employees and willing to play to their strengths 

  • Transparent and trustworthy 

  • Focused 

  • Good role model 

  • Aware of themselves and their flaws and transparent about it 

  • Desire to see the company grow, not just secure their own power 

  • Know their own strengths 

  • Know how to engage the whole team or whole company 

  • Have a vision aligned with the company’s strategy 

  • Ability to embrace the future in a different way 

  • Willing to experiment 

  • Communicate and listen to feedback 

  • Support diversity 

  • Know how to hire good people