The Edge Building. Good example of implementation of sustainable and innovation solutions

The Edge, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Designed to house Deloitte’s employees all in a single building, The Edge is a 40,000m2 -office building in the Zuidas business district in Amsterdam. It was awarded the world’s highest BREEAM rating of 98.4% through itsintegration of numerous smart technologies such as 28,000 sensors – including motion, light, temperature, humidity and infrared – and a central digital dashboard tracking energy consumption and user needs. Each light is integrated into the IT network, providing facility managers with real-time information about the building’s usage, letting them target when and where to deliver lighting and other services. Office workers can adjust individual micro-environments, such as temperature settings, through a smartphone app. The office implements the hot-desking concept, with 2,500 employees sharing 1,000 desks during different time periods.