Want to develop real smart city solutions?

The European Commission has recently presente the upcoming funding opportunities offered by the EU's H2020 Programme to projects focusing on smart energy systems and smart cities and communities concepts. 

The initiative started 6 years ago and has funded 40 light house cities with more than €300 million.

The open call for projects in 2019 has €83 million available for funding. The 5th of February 2019 is the submission deadline, so start working now.

The call aims to:

Deploy and test integrated innovative solutions for Positive Energy Blocks/Districts in the Lighthouse Cities

20181011 smart city call 3.png
  • Interaction and integration between the buildings, the users and the larger energy system

  • Implications of increased electro-mobility, its impact on the energy system and its integration in planning.

  • Carry out extensive performance monitoring

If you want to know more on how to participate and get funding, contact info@innova4eu.com

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