The Business Case for Health and Wellbeing in Green BuildinGS

The World Green Buildign Council has demonstrated in a report the dual opportunity to do right by the planet and people by showcasing pioneering green building projects that are leading the way in being resource efficient and providing healthy, productive spaces for their occupants and significant returns for their owners and investors. The report presents fresh global evidence from around the world that building green with features that people love – from improved air quality and comfort indoors, to access to nature and amenities outdoors – provides tangible environmental, health and economic benefits.

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The report explores the clear and crucial links between green features, occupant satisfaction and economic benefits.

The case studies presented in this report offer the following insights:

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  • The biggest economic benefits are realised when impacts to the environment and people are addressed jointly from the start of building design and a clear direction to achieve key metrics such as improving air quality without sacrificing energy efficiency is set.

  • Achievements in energy and greenhouse gas emissions reductions coming from on-site renewable energy systems can be incorporated with no negative impact on the design for occupants .

  • Employees prefer and work best when they are in spaces with ample natural light, good air quality and access to greenery and amenities .

  • The largest improvements in employee satisfaction happen when staff are engaged in co-designing their new green and healthy workspaces.

    Key findings:

    Companies can save money by occupying a green building with features that benefit people

    Employees prefer green buildings that make them feel healthier and more productive

    A building’s asset value increases the greener and healthier it is