Finalization of RESSEEPE project monitored by INNOVA4EU

European funded innovative RESSEEPE project advised by INNOVA4EU

The project brought together design and decision making tools, innovative building fabric manufacturers and a strong demonstration programme to demonstrate the improved building performance through retrofitting.

The core idea of the RESSEEPE project was to technically advance, adapt, demonstrate and assess a number of innovative retrofit technologies. Reductions in the area of 50% will be achieved in terms of energy consumption.

A systemic process was also implemented that allowed the selection of the best possible retrofitting mix, customised to the needs of the particular building.

Several remarkable innovative technologies and materials were integrated in the retrofitting process:

  • Envelope Retrofitting: Ventilated Facades, Aerogel-based Superinsulating mortar, Wooden Insulating Wall Panel and VIP Panel

  • Integration of RES: PV Energy, Thermal Collectors

  • Energy Storage Systems: Thermal storage and PCMs

  • Nanotechnologies and smart materials: EC/PV Windows

  • ICT: Strategies at building and district level

  • Intelligent Building Controls: HVAC systems

    The scientific and technological objectives of RESSEEPE project were the following:

    • To set up a diagnosis methodology for an integrated renovation of public edification at building and district level.

    • Innovative development and enhancement of SoA retrofit technologies that will be able to achieve energy savings in the area of 50%.

    • Development of a systemic view for selection of the most empowering retrofitting mix: Net-zero energy renovation of existing public districts.

    • To validate the RESSEEPE technologies in three different demo-sites.